maandag, juni 03, 2013

when things are made with the heart all flourish naturally

11 opmerkingen :

  1. wat een mooi boek! Hoe heet het?
    Wat heb je de eerste plant ook leuk gekweekt :D

  2. There is such a calmness and peace of mind in all your photographs!
    And it's so true what you've written!

  3. the same jasmine tree, i sent
    to my mother many years ago,
    growing big in my hometown.
    your photo reminded me of that.
    have a good beautiful week, lotte.

  4. the identical jasmine shrub, we directed for you to my personal new mother many years ago, expanding big within my neighborhood. the picture brought to mind in which. have a good beautiful full week, lotte.

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    1. bellefleurdelis19 juli 2013 om 10:47

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  5. i first spotted your blog years ago but then i lost it and now i found it on tumblr and I´m so happy! :) Such a beautiful blog!

  6. thanks for all the love you put into your work. it shines through your photos :)


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